Reflective Chevron Panels Decals Striping for Motorcycles Hard Saddlebags

We have had several fire fighters request pre-striped chevron panels for striping the backs of their motorcycles.  Mainly on the hard saddlebags.  We have created 6″ wide x 12″ tall panels using Oralite V98 Prismatic Fluorescent Lime Yellow sheeting and red transparent overlay.  The material is extremely bright and is the same sheeting used on fire apparatus to create the chevron panels.  It far exceeds NFPA requirements for reflectivity.  The panels can be trimmed before applying or after.  If you need a larger panel we can custom design one for you.  The pictures above and below show the panels as they come from us and also applied to saddlebags. 

To apply simply peel the backing off, apply and then trim.  Or you can trim first then peel the backing off and apply.  For more information or to order the chevron panels CLICK HERE. The 6 x 12 inch panels run $40 for a set plus shipping.  You would receive two panels like in the picture below.  One for the left and one for the right.