High Intensity “Prismatic” Type 4 Pre-Striped Reflective Barricade Tape

Our High Intensity Prismatic Type 4 Prestriped Barricade Tape is a brighter and more effective way to mark the end of a road, dead ends, hazardous areas and even vehicles.  It is an air backed prismatic design which creates a more vivid tape than comparable glass bead products. This makes the tape more clearly visible at night and in the daytime.  The tape is retro reflective meaning it concentrates light and returns it back to the source which in most cases are car headlights. Our Type 4 High Intensity Prismatic grade prestriped tape exceeds ASTM D-4956 Type 4 standards.

As a comparison, Engineer Grade Type 1 reflects at about 80 candelas (white), High Intensity Type 3 reflects at 250 candelas (white) and Type 4 High Intensity Prismatic reflects at 360 candelas (white). The brighter the tape, the farther away it can be seen at night. Type 4 Prismatic tape is also more vivid and therefore more visible in the daytime as well.

This tape is available in either a left slant (L6) or a right slant (R6).  The slant generally directs traffic either to the left or right. 

We have a separate article that goes over the MUTCD regulations governing barricade tape.  The article also shows you when to use a left slant and when to use a right slant.  Click here to view our article on barricade tape regulations.

  The image below shows each.

As you can see, the slant starts at the bottom and goes either right or left.  Also, the tapes are available in either a white/orange or a white/red.  The 6 in L6 or R6 means that the stripes are 6″ wide.  The stripes are placed at a 45 degree angle. 

Because of its unique look and design, reflective barricade tape is also used to mark items like dumpsters, containers, bollards, fences, gate arms, loading docks, heavy equipment, cranes and more.

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