Free Sample Pack – Reflective Dots, Octagons, Diamonds, Overlay for Diamond Treadplate

Free Sample Pack of Oralite V98 Reflective Dots, Circles, Octagons, Overlay and Chevron Strips. – (available at

To create striped reflective patterns on diamond treadplate you can use our dots, circles, rounded squares, octagons, overlay panels or chevron strips.  Application is very simple.  Before you undertake the task of making your diamond plate reflective we suggest you let us mail you a sample which will contain the little dots, rounded squares, octagons, overlay panels and our newest product, chevron strips.  This way you can make sure everything is going to fit properly before ordering.  To obtain a sample  email your name and address to and ask for a V98 diamond plate sample pack. Or feel free to call us at 850-934-3157.  accident scene safety reflective dots

The “Chevron Strips” at the bottom of the picture above, come in four styles, A, B, C & D.  This is to accommodate different types of diamond plate with minor spacing differences.  All are included and marked in our sample pack.

The V98 Oralite material that we use for our reflective shapes is a highly reflective and very tough prismatic sheeting.  It is the most advanced reflective sheeting on the market.  V98 reflective material is conformable, re-positionable and clean removable.  It is a single layer film and therefore does not need to be edge sealed.  Other brands are made in layers and begin to delaminate over time.  Oralite V98 reflective sheeting will not.  It is for this reason that we recommend this type of film over other brands.