Nikkalite Pre-Striped Barricade Tape – Type 1 & 3

Pre-striped Barricade

Nikkalite® Pre-Striped Barricade for Type I, II and III Sheeting

Our Nikkalite® Pre-Striped Barricade (PSB) sheeting has alternating 6” stripes running diagonally at an angle of 45° and comes in orange/white or red/white rolls. The day and night (retroreflective) colors of the orange and red stripes are almost identical, resulting in a sharp contrast between the white stripes and the colored stripes, giving optimum target value. The material is coated with an aggressive, high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive that will bond well to most substrates used in the construction zone signing. The red and orange stripes are printed under the top film layer so the sheeting is scratch resistant.

Orange and white are for work zone applications.  (slow down and proceed with caution)

Red and white are for end of road type applications. (stop and go left or right or turn around)

Type 1 Reflectivity – White = 108 candelas, Red = 21 candelas, Orange = 54 candelas. (7 year outdoor rating)

Type 3 Reflectivity – White = 250 candelas, Red = 45 candelas, Orange = 100 candelas. (10 year outdoor rating)

Available Grades:

– Type I
Engineering Grade (8110 Series)
– Type III
Ultralite Grade (510 Series)


Orange/White or Red/White
Stripe Widths:
Roll Lengths:
Roll Widths:
2”, 4”, 6″ , 8”, or 12”
(Roll widths and lengths other than shown above are available by special request)